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30 July 2014

July Roundup

With this month almost over, I thought I would share my random favourites from books to beauty bits and what I've got up to. July was the month I not only discovered my doppelgänger in Mindy Kaling but also became a frequent trainer wearer and so without further ado, my July roundup…
. New Balance 574
I really didn't intend for my feet to somehow become surgically glued to these trainers but somehow they did and I am not complaining because they not only look cool but they are super comfortable. I spotted this burgundy pair in Schuh on Oxford Street and decided to get my hands on them fully intending to wear them when running errands and whatnot. That didn't really work out and as such I’ve worn them more or less every other day this month, these trainers work with any outfit and help pull of that effortless sporty chic look.

26 June 2014

Tourist For A Day: Brighton

Until last weekend, I had never been to Brighton but now that I have there’s sure to be regular visits preferably lasting more than a day. I went up to Brighton with my mum on Sunday and with just one day to spare we wanted to visit all the ‘touristy’ spots. With our extensive “research”, a plan of attack and my sometimes unreliable Google Maps app we arrived at Brighton station around 11am on Sunday.

23 June 2014

The Bare Necessities

The sun is out and I've decided it's no longer acceptable to lug around my big bottomless totes around London. For a change I've opted for a small cross-bodied bag (similar here), this means I've had to break down what's in my bag to the very bare necessities which I may add has been no easy feat. Now that I've done it and survived venturing outside my house without a fistful of old receipts stashed in bag, I feel rather accomplished and feel like I deserve a pat on the back. Before I get ahead of myself, let's get on with my spring/summer essentials for my bag...

26 May 2014

The Closet Confidential Tag

Today, I'm going to be doing the Closet Confidential Tag which I believe was created by Fleur DeForce on Youtube. I've wanted to do a tag on my blog for a while now and I really like the questions for this tag so I thought I would give it a go.                          

1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?    
I recently did a major clear out in my wardrobe so the oldest item in my wardrobe is from about three years ago when I was fifteen. It's a pair of flared patchwork jeans from a store called Justice. They don't fit me anymore but I keep them hidden in my wardrobe for a good laugh. I used to style them with cropped tops, I still cringe just thinking about how ridiculous I looked.

05 May 2014

Skincare Review | Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

When it comes to skincare, I have always been a Nivea girl but recently I've been on the hunt for the one holy grail product that ticks all the boxes. I started experimenting with a combination of the Aveeno daily moisturising lotion and the Aveeno body wash - big mistake. These products did nothing for my dry and sensitive skin, my skin was constantly irritated and it didn't feel moisturised. After ranting about how let down I was my mum suggested I try the Elizabeth Arden 8hr Cream Intensive Moisturising Body Treatment (that’s a mouthful). For the most part it does what it says on the box: This moisturizing treatment saturates your skin with the hydration it craves to reverse dryness and flaking. Leaves your skin soft, smooth and hydrated for up to eight hours. 

03 April 2014

What I Wore | Airplane Edition

I can't explain how good it feels to be posting on my blog again,there's nothing more therapeutic than hitting that publish button. I am currently on my much needed Easter holiday, so my posts will be much more consistent. I thought sharing what I wore on my eight hour flight here would be a good way to ease back into blogging.

20 March 2014

Drugstore Beauty Supplies

Beginner Drugstore Makeup Tools
Superdrug Eyelash Curlers (buy here)/Real Techniques Core Collection (buy here)/ Boots Sponge-Wedges (buy here)/ Cosmopolitan Beauty Blender (buy here)
I recently stepped into Boots with the aim of replacing a few items (disposable sponges, new tube of lipstick and so on) and came out with more shopping bags than I bargained for. I frequently get carried away in there, trying out new products, oohing and aahing at all the the shiny things, taking a whiff of perfume samples; I take my sweet time. Anyway, I thought I would share with you guys, some of my staple drugstore beauty supplies/tools you might want to check out when next you're in Boots, Superdrug or any other drugstore near you. 

14 March 2014

Current Favourites | Fashion Bloggers

   Shirley Eniang of Shirley's Wardrobe 
   I love everything about Shirley's style, it's simple and effortlessly chic. 

          Ashley Madekwe of Ring My Bell
  I first fell in love with her in Revenge without knowing she had a blog, once I discovered her blog, she became an instant favourite. Ashley has one of  those blog's where you immediately click on whatever she posts and then somehow proceed to spend hours scrolling through the entire thing.

12 March 2014

Leftovers in Brixton Village

After some vicious elbowing, I have finally managed to grab a stool in Federation Coffee. I am in heaven right now with my Flat White and chocolate cheesecake brownie but this post isn't about my addiction to brownies and good coffee (more on that later). This post is all about a pocket sized shop called Leftovers which happens to be a one stop shop for antique fashions and exquisite vintage finds. Think pre-fifties clothing, lace, unbelievable intricacy, victorian frocks, woollen jumpers and as though that wasn't good enough, fair prices.

05 March 2014

Wish List | Urban Outfitters Home

1.Urban Outfitters:Vanilla Dreams Candle,£6 (buy here)
I have recently developed a unhealthy obsession for Yankee Candles but they happen to be expensive and I happen to be cheap so I have hunted down some cheaper alternatives. I can't wait to get my hands on the Vanilla Dreams Candle which according to the website smells "good enough to drink."