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14 March 2014

Current Favourites | Fashion Bloggers

   Shirley Eniang of Shirley's Wardrobe 
   I love everything about Shirley's style, it's simple and effortlessly chic. 

          Ashley Madekwe of Ring My Bell
  I first fell in love with her in Revenge without knowing she had a blog, once I discovered her blog, she became an instant favourite. Ashley has one of  those blog's where you immediately click on whatever she posts and then somehow proceed to spend hours scrolling through the entire thing.

                Janice Thi Tran of A Damsel in a Dress
  I just want her wardrobe so badly. I really really want her wardrobe.
          Karen Blanchard of Where Did U Get That
  Karen lives in New York (the dream) and I am not lying when I say she always looks like she's stepped off a runway. The photography on her blog is constantly challenging me to step up my game on mine despite the fact that I know nothing about photoshop and of that but baby steps guys.


  1. I like Ashley Madekwe's style too.
    Come enter my give away!

    Renee x

    1. Thank you for the comment! I've popped over to your blog,such a lovely idea for a giveaway. I will make sure to participate.

  2. I've only recently entered the blogging world and started my own blog. I only follow a handful of bloggers and I was curious to see other bloggers out there so I really appreciate this post! Thanks for sharing :) The only blogger on this list I knew of was Shirley so I definitely found some great bloggers through you. :)

    1. First of all, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Thank you for the lovely comment, I'm happy to help. I checked out your blog by the way, it's great!

  3. I had absolutely no idea that Ashley Madekwe was a blogger! In fact I've only seen her in Revenge and I love her style there, wow, what a great find, thank you! (:

    Blog | The Pastel Daisy

  4. Same here, I think I found out about her blog in a magazine interview. You're welcome.