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30 July 2014

July Roundup

With this month almost over, I thought I would share my random favourites from books to beauty bits and what I've got up to. July was the month I not only discovered my doppelgänger in Mindy Kaling but also became a frequent trainer wearer and so without further ado, my July roundup…
. New Balance 574
I really didn't intend for my feet to somehow become surgically glued to these trainers but somehow they did and I am not complaining because they not only look cool but they are super comfortable. I spotted this burgundy pair in Schuh on Oxford Street and decided to get my hands on them fully intending to wear them when running errands and whatnot. That didn't really work out and as such I’ve worn them more or less every other day this month, these trainers work with any outfit and help pull of that effortless sporty chic look.
I visited Ed’s diner in Soho for the first time sometime this month after a serious day of shopping, while their Smokey Joe’s combo plate was glorious we were so hungry at that point that we would have probably been okay with baby formula. More than anything I fell in love with the decor, from the jukeboxes to the open kitchen which helped create an authentic American style diner experience. On another note, if you ever find yourself in any of their twenty-four locations make sure you order their Banana Milkshake. You can thank me later for that one.

. X (Ed Sheeran Album)
The entire album was amazing but I particularly loved Photograph. I played this album in the car, shower you name it. I probably drove my mum crazy with my chair dancing and foot stomping but I heard her unintentionally humming to 'Sing' the other day, she doesn't want to admit it but I’ve made her a bit of an Ed Sheeran fan.

Essie’s Big Spender + Eternal Optimist
My personal mission is to acquire every Essie nail polish colour under the sun. It’s a problem, a real problem but the colours are too gorgeous too resist. I picked up some new additions to my Essie collection from Superdrug namely Big Spender and Eternal Optimist. Eternal Optimist is more of a classic dusky rose nude shade while Big Spender is a pinkish purple.

. Starbucks Iced Caramel Latte
For most of the beginning of July my internet was down, this of course meant I had to resort to good ol’ Starbucks until it got fixed. I am not a coffee lover but it’s simply impossible for me to turn down a Iced Caramel Latte (with extra caramel).

. Mac Face and Body Foundation
I’ve seen this foundation on several blogs and was finally tempted to get my hands on it. I was cautious and bought it in the smaller bottle just in case I hated it, I had seen a few reviews saying it could be quite runny. Thankfully, I ended up loving this foundation as it’s perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. Sheer, lightweight and long lasting coverage, what’s not to love?
. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)
This book serves as confirmation that if Mindy Kaling and I ever met we would be instant friends. We might as well be the same person give or take the fact that she has a Critics Choice Award and I don’t… I downloaded this book on my Kindle and read it in three days flat. It's a brilliant light summer read with a few giggles in store. 

. Oasis
I have been really into bold prints recently and on that front Oasis does not disappoint. From summer frocks to puffy skirts, they have got you covered. I popped into their Soho branch and picked up a few pieces (maybe more than a few). Lets just say I left quite the dent in my measly student budget. They had a sale and I could not resist.

. Suits
Two Words: Harvey Specter 
I have binge watched my way through the first three seasons and now that I’m caught up on season four, I may just have to re-watch season one while I wait for new episodes (it’s that good). 
                                                                                  What's your favourite Essie Nail Polish?
                                                                                              Leave a comment below. 


  1. Great post! The Starbucks iced latte is my favourite too! :)

    - Mariah-Ruthel